The full details of Cook’s appearance at the Osservatorio Permanente in Italy can be found here as well as here.

Origen: Tim Cook talks climate change, fake news, and more during speech to students in Italy


Cook wrapped up the event by leaving students with a final piece of advice about smartphone use:

“Smartphones must bring you closer to those who are far away, do not move away from those close to you. If you spend more time looking at your smartphones instead of people’s eyes, you are wrong. We make products to help you and not to waste time.”

The Apple CEO today made an appearance at Osservatorio Permanente, an organization focused on “training young people to be active members of their community through citizenship education.”

During his speech and a subsequent question and answer session with students, Cook said that while the internet has brought many positive developments, (translated) “fake news is one of the negatives.”

“All of us lovers of democracy and freedom must think that separating the false from the true is the basis of freedom. Quality journalism is the foundation of every democracy and an open and free press is essential.”

Cook also reinforced the idea that Apple does not treat users “as a product” and does not sell or give away any user data

Apple has made several climate change-related announcements recently, and Cook said during the event today that Apple makes renewable energy a priority not because of regulations, but because it is a “moral imperative.” 


“Education brings equality, a springboard to make sure that everyone can have equal opportunities.”


In a separate interview with Les Echos, Cook said that he’s firmly against the idea of companies setting up currencies…