Apple hasn’t been taken over by practical people who know to listen to what we want. It remains focused entirely on making products that people will buy.

That does mean making engineering improvements, but it really means making design choices that appeal, that work.

…the flat edge does change the feel of, and the grip on, the phone, and presumably it does make the internal engineering easier.

Apple plays the long game and if it can now afford to do that, still it has always looked far ahead and made moves intended to pay off later. This is why it’s first to commercially exploit and then drop technologies like CD-ROM, and the first to adopt new technologies like Wi-Fi.

But it doesn’t do any of that in order to be first. Apple does not try to be first, it tries to come in late and beat everyone else with a design that has been thoroughly and properly considered.

Original: apple insider – No, Apple is not making better products because Jony Ive left