A review of mail apps for your mac. Although I keep loyal to Apple Mail given I am absolutely used to it, it is always interesting to look at new options… may be I’ll give spike a try. 

Origin: 9 to 5 Mac – What’s the best email app for the Mac (Updated for 2021)

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Wrap up best email app for the Mac

Deciding on the best email app for Mac is a difficult decision because people manage and use their email differently. If you’re wanting a similar experience to Apple Mail, but wanting more advanced features, then you’ll want to check out Spark. It’s a well-designed app with a lot of features worth trying. Spark’s teams features are particularly well done.

Personally, I’ve bounced around email apps for years on macOS without finding anything I could stick with, but since the beginning of 2020, I’ve been using Spike as my go-to email app. I wrote an in-depth article explaining why Spike finally clicked for me. To sum it up, I love the conversational format it brings to email, built-in notes, and tasks in my inbox. Spike is free for personal accounts, and there is a premium upgrade for business accounts that includes more file storage, longer search history, more notes, etc.