Como ha sido mi caso estos últimos días, aquí tiene un buen resumen (en inglés): Tim Cook’s mic-drop moment | Computerworld

All the Apple rumors appear to be coming home to roost.
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Here is how I think the story will go

We will see Apple introduce 3D VR creation tools around the same time as it introduces VR consumption tools.

Those tools will be limited at first, but it’s reasonable to suggest they will work in conjunction with Apple Maps. If they do work in conjunction with Maps, it’s reasonable to suggest we’ll eventually see indoor and outdoor AR experiences, alongside AR solutions for vehicle navigation.

Potentially we’ll see these appear first as an element inside CarPlay, before broadening out into immersive experiences for use in conjunction with glasses, and automated automotive experiences for use with connected cars.

Each new solution on its own will be of interest, but Apple will be able to leverage these technologies across its ecoystem, enabling further incremental innovation ahead.