Una interesante entrada en Gizmodo.

Entre sus pegas, básicamente la falta de libros en formato adecuado (lo que hace que tengas que acompañarlo igualmente de libros gordos, unido a las dudas de la lectura sobre LCD) y el alto precio de los que lo están.

«As much as school administrators want to believe that the iPad is a cure-all for expensive textbooks and burdensome backpacks, the truth is that it’s not either yet. When Webb acknowledges that not all textbooks are available on iBooks or Kindle, they really mean that most aren’t. Which means that while, yes, the iPad weighs only 1.5 pounds, it’ll still be taking its place in that Jansport along with the same old Biology and Precalculus monsters.»

Además está la duda sobre si un iPad es un equipo de consumo o también de producción…

«As for computing, you can debate all you want about whether the iPad is viable as a standalone device—if all you need to do is write emails and check your portfolio.»

Pero es una cuestión de tiempo:

«Here’s the thing, though: at some point, probably not too far into the future, many of these problems will be overcome.

There will be an abundance of education apps that will unlock the iPad’s true potential as a learning device beyond just being another ebook reader

But they haven’t yet. And until they do, forcing the iPad into the hands of students—and making their parents buy or lease them—will be a disservice. Fun experiment, maybe. But the guinea pigs in the classroom should be the ones in the cage.»