«You see, one of Apple’s secrets has long been «Never be first to market» (which you can read more about in my free ebook.)  By following this rule, Apple has been able to bide its time, determine how to apply its legendary ease of use to existing problems in established markets and innovate by doing one thing better than everyone else.

However, now others are poised to do to Apple what Apple has long done to others – and the best example is Google and Android.  Before the iPhone, there were no large, glass touch-screen interfaces.  There was no AppStore.  There was no multi-touch.  There wasn’t even low power processors capable of running a modern operating system.  But now there are – just check out this week’s list of tablets released at CES – most running Android.»

¿Será al crear un nuevo mercado como el de los smartphones y tablets el momento de que Apple empiece a sufrir?

En Marketing Apple.

«What do you think?  Has Apple paved the road only to have Google and its partners flood the highway?  Is Google and the Android ecosystem going to do to Apple what Microsoft and Windows did 20 years ago to the Mac?  Or do you think Apple has something bigger up its sleeve to keep the excitement – and mindshare – firmly in Cupertino?»

¿Veremos, como predicen algunos, una nueva caída de Apple? Yo creo que con tanto hype es muy posible que sí. Vaya que las modas pasan para todo, tarde o temprano. No es necesario que cierre, pero el momento que tiene ahora no durará siempre, lo que no quiere decir que pueda, diversificando y cambiando estrategias mantener unos números saneados. En cualquier caso ha sido simpático meterse en esto del Mac desde que empezó su resurrección 😉

¿Cuánto creéis que durará la Apple como la conocemos hoy?