my take: we can also think of macOS coming to the iPad instead of a new MacBook with touchscreen. Given you are having the greatest experience with iPad+Magic Keyboard (+pencil, maybe) you are buying a laptop then, not a tablet. Origin: 9 to 5 Mac –
Gurman says that we shouldn’t expect “anything of note” for the iPad Pro,” nor are any “major updates” coming to the entry-level iPad, the iPad mini, or the iPad Air. Looking ahead to 2024, however, things get more exciting. Gurman reports that Apple is readying a “major revamp for the iPad Pro” that could debut in the spring. This revamp should offer an “updated design” as well as an upgrade to OLED displays for the first time. Reports have suggested Apple could update the iPad Pro design to use a glass back, instead of the current aluminum unibody design. Apple has also considered bringing MagSafe charging to the iPad Pro lineup, similar to the MagSafe technology used on the iPhone. There have also been reports that Apple is considering expanding the iPad lineup to larger screen sizes, such as 14 inches or even 16 inches. As Apple advances towards its targeted spring 2024 launch for the new iPad Pro, we expect additional leaks to emerge.