The question is not whether Macs are in the enterprise, the question is whether Macs are being managed the same way their Windows PC counterparts are managed and deployed.
Even more interesting, is to inquire if Macs are managed at scale. Outside of a few showcase organizations like IBM, Cisco, SalesForce, SAP, Google, Facebook, and a host of startups, the answer to both those questions is usually no.
Last month I attended a conference put on by Jamf, the largest software platform for managing Apple devices in the enterprise. Their user conference, JNUC (Jamf Nation User Conference) has the largest attendance of Mac admins in the country.
…I had numerous conversations with Mac admins in large and small companies across industries like retail, technology, healthcare, government and more.
…I believe Apple is on the cusp of seeing the Mac finally cross the enterprise chasm & be embraced by every modern organization.
CIOs and IT decision-makers need to embrace dedicated Mac/Apple admin teams and dedicated Apple/Mac management solutions so their employees can also be successful with Apple products if that is what they choose to use.
What was clear to me from my conversations with Mac admin teams, was the overwhelmingly positive impact on employee experience observed when organizations fully embrace the Mac, and its users.
Commentaries from the likes of IBM and Cisco echoed the same and only gave me more confidence that for modern enterprises to compete both in their industry and for talent, they will have no choice but to embrace Macs the same way they embrace Windows PCs.