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  • outrunning a swarm of bees: this sounds an awful lot like a typical outdoor run, but what separates this workout from your basic run is panic
  • cable management: core, endurance, upper body, lower body. …not only does it test the body, but it also tests the mind
  • walking the dog: is a workout ripe with stops to smell, pee, poop, greet other creatures, maybe bark at a couple of them, and be pet by passersby. It might even involve a bit of choreography
  • carrying all the groceries in a single trip: …attaching three bags to each finger and painfully lugging it home. Tendons will be tested; remember to stretch and lift with the legs
  • building ikea furniture: as much physical as it is a mental test of endurance and mental fortitude … Also, a solid stress test of your relationship status, as building with a loved one is almost certain to lead to a fight, or two
  • dodgeball: Flexibility, speed, and dexterity
  • preordering the iphone 14: elite iPhone orderers know to check their credit cards, save their purchase in advance, double-check their address, and disable all other WiFi devices in the days leading up to a preorder day to make sure they get in and check out before the bottleneck of orders leads to timeouts
  • waiting for iphone delivery: some of us have developed UPS-ear, the ability to discern the sound signature of a UPS truck from miles away