Apple’s only real competition is with itself.

Origin: Mac Daily News – Apple is pulling away from an increasingly outclassed competition

There is no other company in the same league as Apple when it comes to maintaining and updating such a wide and comprehensive ecosystem of devices and services. The pace of Apple’s new product unveilings has played a role in the company pulling away from the competition. 

The following new user estimates are obtained by combining Apple management commentary with my own product unit sales assumptions: 

• iPhone new users: 60 million per year (a five-year high)
• Apple Watch new users: 30 million per year (an all-time high)
• iPad new users: 30 million per year (an eight-year high)
• Mac new users: 15 million per year (an all-time high)

We are at the point when tough questions have to be asked about Apple’s competition, or lack thereof. What company can realistically give Apple a run for its money? The number of paid subscriptions across Apple’s platform is increasing by 170 million per year…

Apple is selling both the all-around best smartphone in the market and tools and services designed to live both below and above the smartphone. Android switching rates are increasing while Apple entices hundreds of millions of iPhone-only users to move deeper into the ecosystem.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s only real competition is with itself. As long as the drive remains to outod itself, Apple has no real competition.