Two rumors have been floating around for a bit now: The first is that this year’s Apple Watch will adopt a glucose monitor, and the second is that the Health app will be gaining food tracking. If both of these are true, they could be transformative together for people with diabetes and those just trying to eat healthier.

Origin: 9 to 5 Mac – Concept: Proactive food tracking with a glucose monitor on Apple Watch would be transformative

What could make these notifications even better is if they had time-based intelligent suggestions. If it detects a spike in the morning, it could suggest a list of foods commonly eaten at that time of day for you to log. The same thing could happen at lunch and dinner times. The more foods you log, the more the watch gets to know you. It would eventually suggest foods you commonly eat rather than general suggestions for that time of day.

This would make logging foods that are eaten easier for everyone. One of the most frustrating things about keeping food journals is having to manually enter every single listing.

If your Apple Watch could detect the effects that foods are having on your body and intelligently suggest a list of foods you normally eat, it would make food journals easy to use for anyone.