I hope that we will be remembered not just for the devices we developed, and what they enabled people to do; but also for helping humanity enjoy the benefits of this great technology… without requiring that they give up their privacy to do it.

Origin: 9 to 5 Mac – Craig Federighi talks Apple’s privacy efforts and App Tracking Transparency in new keynote speech


…others take the opposite approach. They gather, sell, and hoard as much of your personal information as they can. The result is a data-industrial complex, where shadowy actors work to infiltrate the most intimate parts of your life and exploit whatever they can find—whether to sell you something, to radicalize your views, or worse.

That’s unacceptable. And the solution has to start with not collecting the data in the first place.


Second, to avoid the risks of moving data off device, Apple processes as much of your data on your device as possible. Data that stays on your own device is data that you control.

3 CLARITY for customers

Third, when data is collected by Apple, we make that transparent, and we help you control how it’s used.


And fourth, we see security as the foundation for all of our privacy protections. If your data isn’t secure, it’s not going to stay private. And our unique model of integrated hardware and software is key to enabling these strong protections.