Apple doesn’t have any strong competition at present. Samsung has no direction or vision. Google gets excited about what products can do without paying enough attention to the user experience. Amazon bet on smart speakers when it should have bet on wearables.

Origin: 9 to 5 Mac – Analyst outlines four reasons to believe in Apple’s continued success

Full article: Above Avalon – Apple Is Pulling Away From the Competition

Apple has an even tighter focus on the user experience.

Instead of defining innovation as either being first or doing something different, Apple looks at innovation as something that improves customers’ lives. A major consequence of this has been software and hardware releases that have prioritized feature quality over quantity. This year’s WWDC came in a full 20% shorter than previous keynotes. While having a digital format helped cut down on the timing due to quicker transitions, no clapping etc., there were also fewer new features announced. However, the features that were announced contained more significance when it comes to pushing the user experience forward.


Apple continues to strengthen the attraction of the ecosystem.

It’s not just about Apple pushing multiple product categories forward at the same time. Instead, it’s about adding cohesiveness and commonality between product categories. Apple is making it easier for people to buy multiple Apple devices. As users move deeper into the Apple ecosystem, satisfaction and loyalty rates stand to go even higher. The end result is that Apple’s billion users aren’t just any billion users. Instead, they are a billion users less likely to use non-Apple devices and services going forward.