What exactly is this supergroup of mostly Apple veterans up to? The only clue to the mystery is this message from the co-founders:

Long before we knew what our company would do, we knew what it would be called: Humane.

The definition of the name is in our DNA, signifying our commitment to developing technology that will move humanity forward — while at the same time rebalancing the role it plays in our lives.

We spent 2019 with our heads down, busy building, and mostly quiet about our plans. We’re entering a new decade with an incredible team, and 2020 is the year you’ll hear more from us as a company, as a collective of people, as a shift in culture.

Origin: 9 to 5 Mac – Mysterious ‘Humane’ technology company hires Apple VP of Engineering ahead of product reveal

Humane was cofounded by Apple veterans Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri.
We shared their thoughts a month ago when iPad turned 10 years.


Rubén Caballero is Humane’s most recent hire, joining the company after a 15 year career at Apple.

Loos like they are people mostly related to mobile devices and IoT. Other former Apple employees hired by Humane late 2019 and early 2020 include:

  • Sara Glick, Head of Electrical Engineering, who spent several months as an iPod hardware development intern
  • Software Engineer Adam Binsz spent over two years as a software engineer at Apple
  • Senior Software Engineer Lilynaz Hashemi spent over four years as a software engineer at Apple
  • Former iPhone 7 enclosure product design lead Miguel Christophy who now works as Humane’s Head of Design Engineering
  • Senior HW Engineer Brian Huppi who worked as a senior sensing system hardware engineer at Apple
  • Humane Chief of Staff Andie Adragna who worked as Apple’s Executive Administrative Assistant & Team Admin Manager
  • Design Lead Britt Nelson who worked on user interface design at Apple
  • Marketing & Strategy Lead Guillaume Golsong worked as iOS Product Marketing Manager for Camera, Photos and Media
  • Director of Camera Technologies Monique Relova previously worked on camera hardware and software at Apple
  • Humane Chief Technology Officer and former Apple Senior Director of Engineering Patrick Gates joined the startup in 2018. 

Fitbit is another company on the résumés of many Humane employees.

Let’s see what comes up from these brilliant minds…