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Origen: Tech.Pinions – Apple In The Time of Coronavirus

The reality, however, is that the uncertainty of how long this situation will last makes it hard to delay products as doing so might impact other products coming to market later in the year. Also, although brick and mortar stores are closed in many markets, online stores are still open for business.

I thought the way Apple decided to launch was sympathetic to the mood we are all in. There was no live event, which could have been an option we have seen other brands adopt. Instead, there was a press release, a landing page for each product like we usually have and video ads and demos.


The video showcasing the iPad Pro new Magic keyboard saw a much less exuberant Craig Federighi than we are used to seeing on stage. There was contained excitement for the product, but the demo was delivered in a very matter of fact way acknowledging the unique situation we are finding ourselves in.


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Origen (subscription required): Tech.pinions Think Tank – The iPad Pivot, Apple Slaying Sacred Cows

I’ve said, and still believe, Steve Jobs’s original vision was much more transformative to the computer paradigm than perhaps humans were ready for. I honestly don’t think where iPad has evolved is where Steve hoped, but I could totally be wrong here, that’s just my hunch.



But, what I think matters here in the big picture is Apple’s willingness to slay sacred cows. I do have a strong hunch, not bringing mouse/trackpad to iPad was a sacred cow for many early years into the iPad launch. It is extremely mature of Apple to be willing to leave behind ideas that may have had genuinely good intentions, and evolve in a way that fits the user, not their (Apple’s bias). This is not the first time we have seen this either. I think the iPad Mini was a concession by Apple, and I think smartphones larger than 5 inches were a concession by Apple. But, their concessions met the market where its needs evolved, and those concessions kept them in dominant positions with device sales.