I do not use to start (restart) my laptop, but I liked that sound and I miss it when a software update is done (and sure it will be switched off on mac OS updates).

Origin: 9 to 5 mac – Bring back your Mac’s startup chime with this simple terminal command


Now it seems Apple has brought back the hidden option at some point with macOS Catalina. Today, Twitter user @chaysegr shared a video showing his MacBook Pro booting up with the iconic chime. He shared the terminal command that you can run to bring it back on your Mac:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Type or copy and paste that command in Terminal then press return (enter your password if required). We verified that the command does indeed work on a couple of our machines here at 9to5Mac.

Shortly after, @tempaccountnull discovered that “sudo nvram StartupMute=%01” will turn it back to the default of no chime.