«Existing computing systems and applications do not adequately facilitate the recording or streaming of CGR content,» says Apple in «Media Compositor For Computer-Generated Reality,» US Patent No 20200043237.

Origin: appleinsider – Apple working on how to record multiple AR & VR streams for later playback

«In contrast to a VR environment,» it continues, «which is designed to be based entirely on computer-generated sensory inputs, a mixed reality (MR) environment refers to a simulated environment that is designed to incorporate sensory inputs from the physical environment… [A] mixed reality environment is anywhere between, but not including, a wholly physical environment at one end and virtual reality environment at the other end.»


Apple has been working on how to create both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for many years, but a new patent shows it’s also looking at recording. A fully recorded AR/VR experience could be documented and replayed later, accord to Apple.

It’s already possible to record live streams of, for instance, gameplay, but Apple’s aim is to capture both the computer-generated elements of an experience, and the real-world ones.

Augmented Reality, in particular, combines real-world environments with digitally-added elements. Apple refers to the combination of this, virtual reality and any real-world interaction such as audio, as being «computer generated reality content» (CGR) or «mixed reality» (MR).