Apple reported revenue of $64 billion, with a profit of $13.69 billion.
$33.36 billion came from the iPhone
$6.99 billion came from the Mac
$4.66 billion came from the iPad
$12.5 billion came from services
$6.52 billion came from accessories, home, and wearables

Origin: appleinsider – Notes of interest from Apple’s Q4 2019 earnings report and conference call

    • Apple is predicting revenue in the holiday quarter of between $85.5 billion and $89.5 billion
    • Gross margin for the first fiscal quarter of 2020 is expected to be between 375% and 38.5%
    • Apple executed $18 billion in share repurchases, and doled out $3.5 billion in dividends
    • For reference, Apple reported $84.3 billion in the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 —after it revised downward – MW
    • Tim Cook: Greater improvement in revenue trends in Greater China
    • Massive growth in Apple Pay, with greater growth rate versus PayPal
    • Starting later this year, customers can pay for an iPhone directly from Apple Card over 24 months
    • Q4 revenue records for wearables in every tracked market
    • 17% growth in iPad Pro, ongoing momentum of lineup
    • Tough compare to last year’s fourth quarter because of release cycle, but highest annual revenue from Macs ever over fiscal year
    • No new info on Mac Pro release
    • Overall success with annual revenue records in US, Germany, Poland, Canada, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, and more
    • Luca Maestri: Foreign exchange negatively impacted revenue by $2 billion
    • Year over year in China has become more favorable in every quarter in FY19, 19% in first quarter to 2% in fourth quarter
    • Services gross margin, 61.4%
    • Active installed base of iPhone all-time high in each geographical segment
    • Business buyers – 83% plan to buy iPhones
    • All markets Services grew double-digit percentages
    • Services is 20% of the revenue mix, 33% of gross margin mix
    • Double-digit growth of paid Services accounts in every market in the quarter, 450M accounts, versus 330M year-ago-quarter
    • More than 35,000 subscription apps, largest is 0.25% of total services revenue
    • Best quarter ever for AppleCare
    • Over 5000 authorized service centers (including BestBuy)
    • MacBook Air best product in the quarter for revenue.
    • More than half Mac purchasers new to Mac
    • Active install base of Mac at an all-time high
    • Same for iPad with more than half new to iPad
    • Wearables, etc grown by AirPods, Beats, Apple Watch
    • Record revenue in every tracked market
    • More than 5x the iPhone trade-in volume versus 2018
    • At 5:29 PM Eastern Time, AAPL is up $4.33 per share after-hours – MW
    • Apple products being used for the US census with CDW
    • Over $1B negative headwind in foreign exchange predicted for holiday quarter and incorporated in estimates
    • Nancy Paxton is retiring after 93 earnings calls, over 30 years with Apple