Apple Entrepreneur Camp is specifically designed for organizations founded and led by women, and dedicated to helping entrepreneurs as they work on the next generation of cutting-edge apps.

The camp offers a hands-on technology lab, one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers as well as mentorship, inspiration and insights from top Apple leaders.

After the lab concludes, participants get ongoing support and become part of a growing community of exceptional alumni who can help create and build businesses.


Here are the companies who have participated in
Apple Entrepreneur Camp 2019:
  • Abylight Studios
  • BetterMe
  • Boxies
  • Create2Thrive, Inc.
  • CUCO Health
  • Deepr Dating
  • D’efekt
  • Dirty Dog Software
  • eBibelot, Inc.
  • Estudio Chispa
  • expeet
  • Flame Soft AB
  • Frogg
  • Gurbani
  • Hopscotch Technologies Inc.
  • Iceclip
  • imagiLabs AB
  • Krikey, Inc.
  • LactApp Women Health
  • Lake Coloring
  • Literacy Matters Foundation
  • Ohhh, Inc.
  • Peekaboo Studios
  • Peppy Pals
  • Quin
  • SALT for my Squid
  • Seneca Women
  • Shine
  • StoryUP Studios
  • Struct Club Inc.
  • The Dots
  • Train Your Eyes
  • Treebetty
  • Trill Project, Inc.
  • True Wine
  • Virtue
  • Warehouse apps LLC
  • WeParent
  • WishUpon
  • Wysa
  • Zimela