AFA (@apple @facebook y @amazon) are interested in 2 buildings (2 old post stations) in Manhattan.

Apple is battling against facebook and amazon which are also interested in the same buildings as the bitten apple’s company.

Apple is sparring with Facebook over the office space, but Facebook reportedly holds the edge.

The report explains that Facebook has been in talks to take over 740,000 square feet of office space that is being built in the former James A. Farley Post Office in Midtown Manhattan. Apple, however, reportedly toured the space earlier this year and is now going head-to-head with Facebook.

Much like Facebook, Apple wants all four floors of office space, as well as a new floor being built on the roof…

The report says that Roth (owner) is “leaning toward” leasing the space to Facebook because of his positive history working with the company.

If Facebook edges out Apple for the James A. Farley Post Office location, Apple also has “feelers” out at the Morgan North post office redevelopment project in New York. Amazon had originally wanted the Farley location as well, but shifted its attention to the Morgan North project after Facebook entered negotiations.