That brings to mind the work Apple is known to be doing in mapping and the automatic navigation of vehicles. While Apple’s work under «Project Titan» has been thought of as pertaining to a new self-driving car or perhaps licensed technology other carmakers can use, there are other applications of this that could pertain to Micromobility vehicles. This may also be related to the new work Apple is pursuing in Ultra Wideband with its U1 chip, which provides much more accurate positioning and directional awareness than other existing wireless technologies such as Bluetooth 5. 

Origin: Micromobility Europe draws attention from rideshare investors, including Apple

Despite barely mentioning it, Apple has put a lot of work into UWB and its custom U1 silicon

Apart from automatically piloting around Micromobility vehicles, something that still appears to be several years away from public implementation and acceptance, Apple has also experimented with the concept of location tags. Apple was expected to outline its efforts to identify and locate «Apple Tags» at the event a couple weeks ago that introduced iPhone 11 models with its new U1 chip. Yet it ended its presentation earlier than usual, making only brief mention of the U1 chip in relation to AirDrop sharing. It’s pretty obvious that the company didn’t develop custom silicon just to make it slightly easier to identify the recipient of wirelessly shared photos.