Although I bought his biography, and I know his crucial role in starting Apple… Woz is not my hero.

Anyway I find his thoughts usually interesting and much more when they back mines.

Original from 9 to 5 mac

on services

I’m actually very proud of Apple as a company because of the fact we have been able to transition. We started out with the name Apple Computer – and as we moved into products that were more personal in nature, we dropped the “Computer” from our name. And being flexible and able to shift with the demands of the market is very important for a modern company that’s really going to make it.

on antitrust

Apple is under growing antitrust scrutiny, and Wozniak says that he actually thinks Apple should have split up a long time ago. In his eyes, this would have allowed teams to “think independently.”

I wish Apple on its own had split up a long time ago and spun off independent divisions to far-off places and let them think independently – the way HP did when I was there.

I do not agree with that idea. I understand small is charming, but there must be another way than breaking what was big by itself (and far from a «mass market»).

Apple is and always have been a niche player, not the big boy in the marketplace.

That is what makes it even more magical, being the biggest company in the world with a tiny market.

Wozniak also noted that antitrust makes it less incentivizing for technology companies to care about user privacy:

I think Apple is the best of the companies, for a lot of different reasons – caring about the customers and just making money off of good products, not tracking and following you.