We tracked down these hard-to-find items to create a directory for those with a discerning eye for design.

Fewer people are aware that recent top Apple Stores contain a hidden space called the Boardroom. Each Boardroom is decorated with a collection of premium furniture and accessories from some of the most respected designers in the world.

Boardrooms aren’t a company secret but are generally closed to the public. Access is limited to business meetings, artists hosting Today at Apple sessions, and private events. Apple describes the Boardroom as a space more intimate than the main store area and flexible enough to showcase any business solution.

Former Retail SVP Angela Ahrendts formally announced the Boardroom concept in May 2016 when Apple Union Square opened in San Francisco. The design and furnishings of the spaces are directly inspired by Apple Park, meaning that each Boardroom brings a small taste of Cupertino with it. Accessories and furniture in each store vary based on age, size, and location. Most Boardrooms contain at least one item unique to the city or country the store is located in.

In the blog post you will find pictures, linked references and details on:

  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Storage
  • Lamps
  • Vases
  • Sculptures & accessories
  • and Books!


Here’s a list of books that have been spotted in various Boardrooms: