Again, when Apple points its finger to the moon, people look at the stand.
Like for @Gassee, for me the moon is the iPadOS too.

Jean Louis Gassee’s «Mac Pro: Fooled You!»

One, Mac Pro configurations will probably be used with multiple XDR monitors mounted in a bay arrangement using relatively inexpensive ($199) VESA mounts. Two, businesses and production companies are less price sensitive than the developers in the WWDC audience. (I’d arguee this one, n. of the author, silta).

These are reasonable points, but good marketing deals with emotions and impressions, not mere reason. The $999 stand was widely mocked in the media, Apple was labeled as greedy and tone-deaf — the latter definitely deserved. Why mar what turned out to one of the best WWDC keynotes in memory with such a brain flatulence?

Why attract so much ink to a mere display stand, to the detriment of more substantial announcements?

Speaking of these announcements, which of the many WWDC offerings would I choose as the most important?

Because I like programming languages and frameworks, I’m tempted to nominate the SwiftUI that makes Apple’s own Swift programming language immensely more accessible and interactive. It’s a Geek delight, I know, but listen to the naturally skeptical developers react at 2hr 6mins into the keynote.

Instead, I’ll pick iPadOS (1hr 02), an iOS version that’s tailored to the iPad. The consequences should be big and lasting and should silence the “it’s just an iPhone but bigger” bellyache.