by @umairh

…it’s easier to be Amazon than Apple. It’s easier to set up the world’s biggest, most crowded mall — and sit back and laugh as the herd stampedes to whichever stall, in desperation, cuts prices to rock bottom today, because there will be another one tomorrow, and tomorrow, and you’ll only ever get richer. You don’t need to do anything really — quality control, marketing, branding, relationships, finance. You just keep on adding space to your mall, and renting it out.

Being Apple is harder. It’s always going to be harder. And it’s never, ever going to get easier. It’s going to be just as hard this year as it was last year, and the year before that. It’s always going to take being the best. The most creative, the most empathic, the most attuned, the most fiercely dedicated, the most uncompromising, the most rebellious, the one who really wants something better. As far as capitalism will allow, anyways. That was Steve, remember?

And that difference is the danger, my friends. It’s much harder to be an Apple than to be an Amazon. We’d be poorer without an Apple, and yet it’s easier to sit back and exploit people into the ground. But if capitalism can only give the world two kinds of Amazon, in the end, if even companies as interesting and remarkable as Apple end up like the same old monopolies that have ever been — then it has failed in yet another way, too.