The iMac Pro is one seriously heavyweight contender. It’s fitted with some of the most powerful components ever to grace an Apple machine, and it puts them to great use. The display is as gorgeous as you’d expect and the whole thing runs like a dream.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, though. Yes, it’s expensive, but as we mentioned earlier, it’s actually not that much more expensive than Windows machines in the same category. Admittedly, you will be paying a noticeable markup compared to similarly-equipped rivals, but remember that for your initial entry price, you’ll also be getting a truly spectacular 27in 5K display, and the whole package is wrapped up in by far the most sleek and attractive chassis of any enterprise workstation.

If the iMac Pro is Apple’s attempt to reclaim the business market, then we have to say that it’s putting up one hell of a fight. This machine takes all the raw grunt you’d expect from a heavy-duty enterprise PC and crams it into Apple’s signature all-in-one design in a way that virtually defies comprehension.

It may not be the most powerful – and it’s certainly not cheap – but as far as we’re concerned, the iMac Pro represents the pinnacle of business-grade workstation design. Go on, why not treat yourself?