a través de Tim Cook data privacy speech: Apple CEO calls for comprehensive data laws in America – The Verge

The US should follow the EU’s lead and introduce a comprehensive federal privacy law, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a speech at a privacy conference in Brussels today.
Tech for bad: Modern technology has enabled the creation of a “data-industrial complex” that leads to our data “being used against us with military efficiency,” Cook said. “These stockpiles of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect them. This should make us very uncomfortable,” he added.

Four principles. Any future law should enshrine four crucial rights, he said:

  • the right to have personal data collection minimized
  • the right for users to know what data is collected on them
  • the right to access that data, and
  • the right for that data to be held securely

Cook hit back at the idea that regulation stifles innovation, saying “this notion isn’t just wrong, it’s destructive. Technology’s potential is and always must be rooted in the faith people have in it.”