a través de Why Mac users don’t really matter to Apple | ZDNet

Putting the Mac business into perspective, looking at Apple as a computer vendor, the company ships about five to six million Macs a quarter.

Compare this to the tens of millions of iPhones Apple sells every quarter. Even iPad sales, which are considered pretty soggy, are around twice that of Macs, and the revenue gap between the two products is pretty close.

We can also break it down in terms of customer base. Mac users represent about 10 percent of Apple’s user base.

And the laptop and desktop market seems a lot more fickle and price-conscious than the smartphone market.

Now, having said all this, I don’t think Apple is going to pull the rug from under Mac users and get out of the business any time soon. It would be pretty brash to close the door on a business that brings in several billion in revenue and has a double-digit user base. But I also think that the days of Apple pandering to this market are over. In fact, I’d say that as we move towards 2020, Apple is more focused on growing its services and accessories businesses than it is in selling more Macs.