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Apple’s iPhone app developer resources

Swift Playgrounds for iPad

Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1&2

Download Xcode on Mac

Apple’s Swift book

Swift Tour and Xcode Playground

Apple’s Start Developing iOS Apps tutorial

Learn the iOS and user interface terminology

Apple’s programming courses

iPhone app development tutorials for beginners

Code with Chris

Ray Wenderlich


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Books on iOS and Swift

iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals with Swift

Swift Apprentice book

iOS Apprentice

Big Nerd Ranch


Start learning iOS programming today

21 days of code


6 learning tips for programming beginners

  1. Code is case sensitive—double check your spelling.

  2. Watch a code tutorial video and follow along (pause frequently).

  3. Re-watch a video one or two times to pick up on details that you might have missed.

  4. Google the error message that you see in the bottom console window for help.

  5. Ask a friend for help, or visit Stack Overflow and ask a question with sample code and the error message (be descriptive).

  6. Start over with a new project or playground.