Will this latest chapter in the Macintosh saga be Apple’s success story at last? Only time will tell.
Yes it did

Sorry, iMac.

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The Once and Future Macintosh

Once Apple gets peripheral issues ironed out—and Apple assures us that it will in time for an August launch—it seems the iMac is destined to be a hit among the installed base of Mac users, hungry for a machine they can be excited about. The real question is whether Apple will be able to convince current non-Mac users—or even non-computer users—to buy an iMac.

Here, like so many vendors, Apple is relying on the popularity of the Internet. It’s hoping that the Mac OS’s legendary ease of use, combined with the iMac’s multitude of built-in networking options (100BaseT is a natural for DSL and cable-modem connections, for example), will help bring more users into the Macintosh fold. Apple has set its sights high for the iMac; although they declined to state how many units will be manufactured, marketing managers told us that the iMac launch would be “probably the biggest in Apple history.”