a través de Apple «Supplier Responsibility 2018 progress report (pdf link)«

Treating people with dignity and respect, providing advancement opportunities, and conserving our planet’s resources are fundamental to how an Apple product is made. That’s why we develop programs throughout our supply chain that drive progress with suppliers, while benefiting the people in our supply chain — and the planet.

We partner with our suppliers to offer global programs that provide education and advancement opportunities to their employees. To date, these partnerships have helped millions of people take advantage of opportunities outside of the workplace. At the core of every employee’s livelihood is a safe and healthy workplace where their rights are respected each day. We’re committed to implementing responsible practices in our supply chain to make a positive impact on employee well-being.

An environmentally responsible supply chain is a major part of Apple’s mission to leave the world better than we found it. Along with our suppliers, we continue to fight climate change, reduce water use, implement green chemicals in manufacturing operations, and eliminate waste.

Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct underscores a commitment to human rights, environmental protections, and sound business practices. Every year, we conduct assessments to ensure suppliers are meeting our high standards. The number we conduct increases each year and the amount of high-performing suppliers continues to grow. It’s all possible thanks to strong partnerships between our suppliers and Apple.

A commitment to people, the planet, and the progress of our suppliers is at the heart of our work. We will always seek to extend our efforts to make positive impacts and drive lasting change.



We’re always looking for ways to advance the lives of the People in our supply chain. With our suppliers in 2017, we:

  • Trained more than 3 million supplier employees on their rights, including local labor laws, and Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Launched health programming that empowers female employees to improve their health awareness with a goal of training 1 million women by 2020.
  • Were named the world’s top company for responsible sourcing of conflict minerals by the Enough Project.
  • Returned US$1.9M in excessive recruitment fees to 1558 people affected by bonded labor, bringing the total to US$30M repaid to over 35,000 employees since 2008.


We believe the best products are made with respect for the Planet. With our suppliers in 2017, we:

  • Were awarded the number one spot in the Corporate Information Transparency Index by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs.
  • Expanded Zero Waste to Landfill efforts to India and attained 100 percent UL requirements for all iPhone final assembly facilities.
  • Replaced all GreenScreenR Benchmark 1 and 2 cleaners with green alternatives in all final assembly facilities.
  • Acheived a 37 percent average wastewater reuse rate and freshwater savings of 5.1 billion gallons.


We partner with new suppliers to help them meet our strict standards, and with existing suppliers to maintain their Progress toward providing a safe and healthy workplace. In 2017, we:

  • Conducted 756 assessments in 30 countries, covering 95 percent of our total spend. In addition, 26 percent were first-time assessments.
  • Increased the number of high-performing suppliers by 35 percent, while low-performers decreased by 71 percent.




3M+ supplier employees trained on their rights worldwide

US$1.9M in recruitment fees returned to supplier employees in 2017

12K+ enrolled in higher education degree since 2008

4K+ participants received preventative and women’s health training


625K metric tons of waste diverted from landfill since 2015 —that’s enough to cover 2,545 soccer fields about 1 meter deep

100% of all iPhone final assembly facilities worldwide diverted 100 percent of waste from landfills

320K annualized metric tons of carbon emissions reduced in 2017, enough to remove every private car off the road in Hong Kong for 62 days

5.1B gallons of water conserved in 2017, enough to fill 7,722 Olympic-size swimming pools



756 supplier facility assessments conducted in 2017

30 countries in which assessments took place

35% increase in high-performing suppliers year over year