by @gassee @ Monday Note: Apple PC/Tablets Twists and Turns


Apple’s U-turns shouldn’t surprise us. Memorializing Steve Jobs in 2012, Tim Cook was most impressed with the Apple co-founder’s ability to quickly change his mind:

“He would flip on something so fast that you would forget that he was the one taking the 180 degree polar opposite position the day before. I saw it daily. This is a gift, because things do change, and it takes courage to change.”

Mulling those wise words, I can’t help wonder what other Apple changes of mind are awaiting us. We’ve already seen hints of a U-turn with recent iPad Pro developments. With its Smart Keyboard and Pencil it’s the ultimate toaster-fridge apostasy, an alternative to Mac (and other) laptops, an unofficially acknowledged answer to Microsoft’s hybrid Surface device family.

… You want a laptop running on (loosely speaking) an ARM processor that combines a multi-touch interface with classic keyboard/trackpad cursor control? The iPad Pro is almost there.