Este tweet de Danielle, a quien sigo por cuestiones de inversión en startups más que por cuestiones mackeras,…

…me ha hecho descubrir cosas que creo interesantes para los que quieren pelear con el código desde su iPad.

Aunque es interesanter ver todas las respuestas, creo que destaca especialmente esta larga entrada de Justin @searls Giving the iPad a full-time job.

In the past I’d tried to accomplish this workflow with Panic’s Prompt…

And then came mosh. Mosh has emerged as a competent alternative to SSH for this sort of thing, and its connections are much more durable. It communicates over UDP and in practice demonstrates incredibly low latency, too. I’m connecting to my iMac with the Blink terminal, and it’s working better than Prompt ever did. Blink allows users to re-bind the caps-lock to escape and it’s no longer an issue when iOS kills the app in the background.

Blink is hardly perfect, but since mosh is distributed under the GPL, it’s open source itself. At the end of the day, all I care about is that it can maintain a connection, send the right keystrokes, and then get out of my way, and the combination of Blink & mosh do just that.

And that’s really all there is to know about how I’m using the iPad for work all day. It’s a surprisingly complementary marriage of the focused simplicity of iOS combined with the powerful complexity of command-line Unix.