A pesar de que parece que no hace falta y no he escuchado nada al respecto en España… para mi ha sido la ocasión de renovar la contraseña y activar la autenticación de doble factor.

While Macworld readers may already know these sorts of calls are a scam, it’s vital to alert friends, family, and colleagues about such calls and help immunize them from falling for it. Many of these services sound and act professional, and have been victimizing Windows users for years.


Some «tell» for the author that it was a fraud…

Apple called unsolicited

The call was automated

We never give this number out

The message didn’t provide details

The message offered to put me through “to a support adviser right now”

The Caller ID number didn’t say Apple on it

The Caller ID number has a shady history

They called back multiple times



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