1. Apple File System
2. APFS Is Designed To Scale Across All Apple Platforms
3. Optimized For Flash Storage
4. Headline Features: Snapshot and Clones
5. Low Latency Makes APFS Devices Feel Faster
6. Free Flowing Partitions
7. Encryption First
8. Future Proof
9. iOS 10.3 Gives You Storage Space Back
10. APFS for Mac is still in Beta

10. …While the iOS version is live, the Mac version is still very much in beta. And Apple will have a much harder time getting APFS to work just right on the Mac. While iOS has a closed file system, on that isn’t exposed to the user, Mac has an open, editable file system. Which means that APFS can run into all sorts of edge cases that Apple hasn’t thought about yet. Hopefully, all the issues are ironed out in the beta period. While it’s in beta, you can test it out if you want. But it’s not ready. APFS doesn’t support startup disks, Time Machine, FileVault encryption, and Fusion Drives.


Vía Mac Daily News from original @ iPhone Hacks, 10 Things you should know about APFS.