Uh-oh, it looks like Apple A.R. is coming together faster than Apple C.A.R.

Origen: Apple’s reality distortion field – coming to an iPhone near you | Computerworld

Google Street View is a prime example of an AR app. Imagine it within Apple Maps, combined with the existing geolocation features of Apple’s Photos or iMovie. Once you do it is so easy to speculate at the potential to embed your own content to share with others within a global mapping tool (think Google Earth).

We know Apple is investing huge amounts of money in Maps and photography. Claims it plans a StreetView competitor have circulated for years. Add indoor maps (and iBeacons) to this equation and you have a platform with implications across a broad range of industries, including the retail, heritage, education, and hospitality industries.

Apple has already digitally transformed reality with the iPhone. Now it wants to distort it with AR.