Vía @MacDailyNews, he visto la noticia a continuación y he recordado que escribí una respuesta en un foro de Macuarium hace ahora casi 15 años (luego hay una ampliación de la respuesta).


It was a super secret project, because you know, at the time, the Apple Store hadn’t arrived yet. So buying a computer was done online or through computer stores. At the cafe, when you sat down at your booth, there was an Apple computer at the table. There were several programs you could call up. One was you could order your food. (There were food service people, but we wanted to make the order first.) You could play fundamental video games. And I think there were also movies you could access.The interior design was very high tech, and we worked on it for about six months. I think we were trying to create sort of a modern-but-futuristic look, which is different than the immersive theme park stuff we do: castles and dinosaurs. I remember the designers we put on it were the high-tech, future-thinking guys. We understood that we were dealing with a computer, which was a future technology not a historic technology, and the Apple Cafe had to reflect that.

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