Bloomberg, ¿Por qué ahora importa más que nunca la Apple University?

People who worked closely with Apple’s co-founder have left for other jobs, such as Johnson, who left to become CEO of JC Penney months before Jobs died in 2011. Others are retiring, such as Rita Lane, an operations executive who oversaw development of Mac, iPhone and iPad accessories. And plenty of newcomers are arriving. Apple’s total headcount, including its legions of in-store “Geniuses”, has grown from 60,400 in September 2011 to more than 80,000 two years later.

Podolny is swimming against the tide in trying to increase the role of human resources within Apple’s no-nonsense culture, said Borchers, the former marketing executive. Unlike many companies that proactively develop executives’ capabilities by moving through many jobs, Apple has historically hired specialists in a given field and kept them there to fully exploit their expertise.