20 Ways Apple’s Mac Changed Everything (Other Than the Most Obvious Ones)  Read more: 20 Ways the Apple Mac Changed Everything | TIME

1. It made icons into art.
2. Macs have always begged to be networked.
3. HyperCard helped inspire the web.
4. Microsoft Office was born there.
5. It made pointing portable.
6. QuickTime kickstarted digital video.
7. Touchpads took over.
8. Macs never have trouble saying goodbye.
9. For logos, it proved upside-down is right.
10. The Apple Store was originally a Mac store.
11. Steve Jobs’ media hub vision came true.
12. It gave Bluetooth a boost.
13. Macs keep proving you can start fresh.
14. It let you see your keyboard in the dark.
15. iTunes built commerce into a computing device.
16. The iMac defined the modern all-in-one.
17. It made solid-state storage make sense.
18. Retina is a great leap forward for the eyeballs.
19. Where would computer design be without it?
20. No Macs, no iPhones or iPads.