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Steve’s Most Important Sales Tool

If you think about it, you and I got to know Steve during his presentations using Keynote on stage.  He would entice, he would tease, he would delight but most of all, he would sell.  This is one of the reasons you did not see Steve on Charlie Rose or Larry King shows, he understood the concept of over exposure he also knew it was highly inefficient and ineffective for sales.

Steve took his time to let the rest of us have his “god like” presentation powers.  With each presentation he even taught us all how to use it in a bold and effective manner. There were times he changed his mind about releasing the product.  He truly was torn to give access to what he considered to be his most powerful selling tool, Keynote.  This may be true, but how he worked Keynote was perhaps far, far more important.

Conviene no perderse el regalo, que explica el contenido del texto en el icono más reciente de Keynote.