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“Is Apple flying the pirate flag again, just as it did in its swashbuckling days 30 years ago?” Therese Poletti writes for MarketWatch. “The move over the weekend by Apple to reassign Bob Mansfield, a senior vice president and one of its best-regarded hardware executives, to a new position in ‘future products’ suggests that Apple may be trying to recapture some of the magic of those early years.”

“A lot has changed at Apple since the renegade Macintosh team, headed up by co-founder Steve Jobs, made a pirate flag and flew it over their building. But now, just as back in the early 1980s, Apple needs a new product to get its customers and investors excited again,” Poletti writes. “So it would make sense if, as some have speculated, Mansfield is working on some hush-hush project in a skunkworks unit, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook.”

Poletti writes, “Mansfield could be working on something so top-secret that no outsider has even heard about it… “

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