Víá @MacDailyNews llego a un interesante artículo en Anandtech comparando el rendimiento de los dos procesadores disponibles en los Mac Book Air de 2013 … creo entender que si tu MBA es de 2012 sí puedes querer ir al i7 si quieres mejor rendimiento, ya que en el i5 se ha dado una disminución en la velocidad del procesador para mejorar el rendimiento de la batería.

«… In previous MacBook Airs, the choice of what CPU to buy was almost always a difficult one. Do you opt for the in-between upgrade or go all the way to the top? With this year’s model, the decision is greatly simplified. If you want ultimate battery life regardless of usage model, stick with the base Core i5. If you need performance, the Core i7 upgrade is absolutely worth it. My personal choice would be for the Core i5, but that’s because I tend to fall on the battery life side of of the battery life vs. performance fence when it comes to the MacBook Air. If the MacBook Air is going to be your only machine however, I can definitely make a case for opting for more performance.»