Aunque fue probarlo, ver que iba el software de la «tienda» de ubuntu a la primera y que otros no eran tan straight forward, y dejar de usarlo porque para el uso casero de navegar, leer, enlazar, postear, twittear el mac no era tan diferente (y sobre todo no es una máquina virtual en un MBAir).

Me comí la libertad a la que aspiraba, al encontrarme con cosillas … pero este chico explica muy bien por qué me sentí con la necesidad de hacer algo así.

I switched from Windows to OS X several years back and fell in love with not only the beauty and elegance of the Apple hardware and software but, mainly, not having to restrict the temptation to annihilate my computer when it succumbed to viruses, malware, crap software, etc.

I recognize that Apple will make its customers pay a premium price for its (mostly) premium products and deliver a (mostly) repeatable/stable experience, and I am OK with that. But its business model is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I own multiple Apple products including iMacs, MacBook Pros, iPods, Airport Extremes, and Time Capsules. For the most part, they are definitely far more stable than products made for the Windows environment. But they don’t “just work.” Not always.

Should you switch from OS X to Linux?