Esta mañana me he despertado con el enlace en Brand Autopsy:

The best word of mouth is how a business does business not just one day, but every day it is in business.

Clearly, Apple’s maniacal focus on the smallest of every day details is benefiting them as a bankable and talkable brand.

a la versión gratuita de un artículo en The Wall Street Journal sobre las 10 razones para el tremendo éxito de las tiendas físicas de Apple:

1. It’s not about selling
2. … unless we’re talking service plans
3. There’s a cutesy acronym
4. Steve Jobs is very, very involved
5. The customer is always right (about pronunciations)
6. Employees get canned for being late
7. And they must stay positive
8. … and keep quiet
9. … especially if they’re new
10. And about that Genius Bar appointment…

Algo más tarde, leía en Mac Daily News sobre como las Apple Store son más que magia:

“Yet firms that have tried to copy these features like Best Buy [BBY] (which has copied the Geek Squad) and Microsoft [MSFT] (which opened its first branded store in 2009 with some of Apple’s architectural and customer-service ideas), have had less success,” Denning writes. “This can lead analysts to throw up their hands and declare that ‘it’s just magic!,’ i.e. success that is inexplicable by any rational process.”

Como siempre el artículo de Mac Daily News enlaza a una fuente, el blog de Steve Denning en Forbes, aunque ésta también se basa en el artículo de The Wall Street Journal para re-presentarlo en términos de «nueva gestión»:

The Paradoxical principles behind Apple’s success:

-Stop Trying to Make Money

-Don’t Try to Sell

-Belief In the Goal of Delighting the Customer

-Continuous Innovation

-Operationalization of How to Delight Customers

-Attention to detail


-Recruiting and training the right people


-Bottom line: Radicalley Different Mangement

Dos artículos con gran cantidad de enlaces perfectos para pasar una tarde sábado 😉