Una entrada muy interesante para los interesados en encontrar trabajo Apple, aunque parece orientado a trabajo en Apple, Cupertino; así que ya puedes estar dispuesto a mudarte si no estás cerca.

Temario 😉

Study up

Step 1: Study the right things

Step 2: Study in the right places

Step 3: Never stop studying

Make first contact

Route 1: Get a referral

Route 2: Get yourself head-hunted

Route 3: Get yourself bought

Route 4: Send your CV on spec

Route 5: Get an internship

Route 6: Start at the bottom

Be prepared for the interview

Introduction, not inquisition

Practice makes perfect

Dress for success

Know the internal Apple culture

Expect secrecy, but also treat it as a benefit

Work hard, work fast

Reward yourself

Don’t fear Steve, too much