Estaría bien. Vía Mac Daily News:

«Two years ago, Apple was in the news for patenting a range of biometric ID tools for the iPhone, such as a voice recognition system, a retinal scanner that uses the phone’s camera or, most likely, a system that uses the screen to scan fingerprints,» Elgan reports. «Last year, Apple hired an expert in Near Field Communication, or NFC, to head up the company’s Mobile Commerce department. NFC is technology that enables the transfer of data over distances of just a few inches — a model that’s far more secure and reliable than, say, Bluetooth. Other inside sources have been quoted as saying that Apple plans to build NFC into the iPhone 5. Apple has also recently advertised three job openings related to payment platforms and short-range wireless data transfers. And Apple has been granted NFC-related patents.»

El artículo completo en ComputerWorld:

«Imagine sitting down at a public PC, surfing the Web, visiting Facebook, checking your online bank account and buying something on — all without entering passwords or credit card information.

It gets better. You get up and leave without even logging out. Some shady criminal type sits down at the same PC and finds his attempts at cracking your password foiled at every turn. Your accounts can’t be accessed because your phone is no longer on the desk.

It gets better still. Hop in your car and press the «Start» button — no key necessary. The car knows it’s you after you wave your phone over the dashboard, and it adjusts the driver’s seat and steering wheel just for you.

On your way to work, you swing by Starbucks to grab a Trenta Iced Cafe Mocha with whip. To pay, you wave your phone over a terminal on the counter, grab your drink and head for work.

Arriving at the office, you sail past security with doors unlocking automatically as you approach them. When you walk into your office, the lights and PC come on auto-magically.»

En la entrada hablan además de Google, como otro jugador que quiere hacer desaparecer las contraseñas y el camino es similar al de la charla de seguridad del martes en la que estuve, donde hablaban de esa misma técnica en las nuevas soluciones de Microsoft (Live e IE9).

La granja de servidores, soluciones remotas como las de Aquaconnect … las personas de carácter más técnico seguro que pueden ir atando cabos y empezar a ver el futuro.