En Mac Daily News:

«If you’re looking for evidence that the former Apple Computer has a hold on the American public, consider this: Many of the company’s biggest products this year were lackluster at best, and yet all were stunning success stories,» Paul Thurrott opines for Windows IT Pro.»

Top Tech Company of 2010: Apple, por Paul Thurrott.

«The iPad is simply an iPod touch stretched out to four times the original size, and Apple has managed to turn it into a new tech product category»

MacDailyNews Take: Lie. Anyone who’s actually used an iPad knows better.

Thurrott continues, «The Apple TV, once considered a hobby by the company’s executives, was replaced by a far less capable version and went on to sell 1 million units in a matter of months.»

MacDailyNews Take: Lie. The new Apple TV offers more capabilities than the previous version.

Thurrott continues, «And only Apple could release a $1,000 netbook computer, the MacBook Air, and create a smash sensation.»

MacDailyNews Take: Lie. The MacBook Air is much, much more than a netbook and all objective reviews (see below) say so implicitly if not explicitly.

Thurrott continues, «There’s more, but you get the idea.»

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we certainly do.