He publicado muchas veces sobre ello. Nuevas pruebas lo aseguran. Desde ComputerWorld una interesante entrada a raíz de la encuesta del ITIC que resalta que en su última encuesta los usuarios de Apple están extremadamente satisfechos con el rendimeinto, fiabilidad y facilidad de uso de sus dispositivos.

«But when it comes to getting Macs into the boardrooms, things really have changed. Apple today is more than the Mac (though Mac sales are up a rather attractive 37 per cent).

«Eight out of 10 organizations said they are «more likely to allow more users to deploy Macintoshes as their enterprise desktops» in 2010-2011, up from 68 percent in the 2009 survey,» the researchers said.

I’m impressed that a substantive 82 percent of survey participants told the survey they use their iPhone to access corporate email and data.

Not just the iPhone and Mac. As I’ve said before, the iPad is grabbing a slice of the business market.

— Astonishingly, 23 per cent (that’s nearly one in four) of IT managers told the survey that they had already purchased or ordered the new Apple tablet.

— Another 18 percent said they would within the next nine months. 51 percent aren’t committed to a purchase yet, while 8 percent of the survey group are just waiting for prices to fall.

Almost everyone (86%) who already has an iPad uses it for both business and pleasure.

The user experience on Apple products is part of the attraction. Another element is the relative lack of technical issues.»