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Los datos más relevantes? De la sesión Q&A:

• Q: How’s your health? Steve Jobs: «I’m doing just fine… I was doing better earlier this week while on vacation in Hawaii.»

En otra pregunta:

• Jobs continues: I guess it’s just human nature: when some group or some organization gets successful, there’s always a group of people who want to tear it down. I see it happening with Google, people trying to tear them down, and I think to myself: why are they doing this? Google is a great company… And now they’re doing it to us… I don’t understand it… What would you prefer, that we were a Korean company, that we were here in America leading the world with these products? Maybe it’s just to get eyeballs for these websites, people don’t care what they leave in their wake. I look at this whole «Antennagate» thing, and I say: ‘Wow. Apple has been around for 34 years; haven’t we earned the credibility and trust from the press? I think we have that trust from our users, but I didn’t see it exhibited from some of the press. It was blown so far out of proportion. Not saying we didn’t make a mistake – we didn’t; know we were putting a bully on the phone (line on lower left corner for users to try to cover) but this has been so overblown. But to see how we could do better is going to take some time.»

Y los números más relevantes vía TUAW:

El hecho de que el 0’55% de unidades en las que se ha detectado haya armado este mogollón

Los iPhone 4 devueltos a AT&T han sido el 1.7%, mientras que del 3G S se devolvieron en los primeros días un 6%, con menos uniddes vendidas en el mismo tiempo…

Creo que al iPhone 4 no va a haber quien lo pare. Cómo somos!!!