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Un interesante artículo de Gizmodo en el que se defiende la posición de Apple de no mostrar prototipos y enseñar un producto que luego se vende, frente a la estrategia de otras muchas compañías de mostrar un prototipo, ver la respuesta y luego no hacerlo o hacerlo de manera incoherente…

«That an industry exists around rumors and leaks for unreleased products may be useful to Apple, but it is a side-effect of their product strategy, not the basis of their marketing. Consider that when Apple finally does release a product, the marketing tends to showcase the device itself in clear, comprehensible ways. Apple isn’t shy to make claims about the grandiose, epiphanal nature of its products because—whether they pull it off or not—they have built a culture in which every product they make is designed to be world class.»